<span class="entry-title-primary">Do You Have To Love A Character To Love A Book?</span> <span class="entry-subtitle">Do you like Dianna? Do you like Qasim? I'd be interested in your opinion! </span>

Most of my readers have come to like them both (thus far), but you may find Qasim charming and Dianna wishy washy. Or you may find Qasim chauvinistic, even immoral and  Dianna relatable. One recent reader didn’t like Dianna because she felt Dianna was, well, wimpy at the beginning. I made a conscious decision as […]
Creation + Innovation = Revolution

Creation and Innovation. The terms are used loosely and frequently in both the Business and the Creative worlds. I’d almost say they’re trending. Yet we have many different definitions for them. Sometimes we use them as synonyms, other times, antonyms. So I was especially intrigued when my coach Kristen Joy Laig, The Book Ninja, held […]
Interview with a Publicist

Marketing is a huge part of every author’s journey. Would you create a new organic cosmetic or build an architecture business and not let anyone know about it. Your book is a product, too, and readers need to know of your stories! That’s why I hired publicist Lynda Bouchard pre-publication, actually even before I signed […]