The Shores Of Our Souls

the debut novel by

Kathryn Brown Ramsperger


Despite their cultural differences, Qasim and Dianna share a keen intellect, ambition, and a world philosophy. Their attraction is immediate, and after a time, their connection offers intimations of love.

Dianna wants to trust Qasim. Yet Qasim’s mentor Jamal, who maintains a steadfast loyalty to a corrupt political power back home, will do anything he can to ensure the two do not act on their love. Dianna’s globe-trotting, brash housemate Leah enjoys fueling Dianna’s doubts, for she too has eyes on Qasim for what he can get her.

Yet it’s the secrets they carry within that keep the lovers from opening their hearts.

The Shores Of Our Souls chronicles a love that attempts to rise above cultural boundaries and societal judgment. Will love be enough for the two lovers to sidestep history to make peace with each other and themselves?

As relevant today as it was in the Eighties, this timeless story of star-crossed lovers defies all social norms in an entanglement of passion, politics, and religion.